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Art gallery and exhibitions

Art gallery and exhibitions


Stay informed of the different dates of artists’ exhibitions. You will also find exhibitions that have already been completed.

Latest book releases

Latest book releases

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Looking for new novels? Find in a few clicks the books that suit you by filtering the results by theme: romance, thriller and detective, humanities…

Best films of the year

Best films of the year

Box office and cult films

Moviegoers will be able to discover the best films according to the press, box-office films or search for films classified by genre, year or country.

Trends in innovation

Technological news

Trends in innovation

What's new in technology and innovation?

Technology and innovation are working to protect the right to equality and non-discrimination in automatic learning. Several technology companies are developing useful applications on societal concerns. These can address issues of isolation, mental health, suicide and cyberbullying. The development of the cities of the future is based on building a hyper-connected future. For example, to strengthen urban security, a technology company is investing in the installation of thousands of outdoor cameras. These devices collect information, monitor traffic lights, automatically detect accidents, improve traffic flow and deploy rescue services when needed. The companies offer their customers systems that are integrated into the daily lives of users. The aim of the technology is to integrate seamlessly into the lives of users. According to devices and products developed by the manufacturers, modern tools adapt immediately to the environment by offering an intuitive handling.

Market Developments

Heritage, market and trend

The real estate market : infos & news


New real estate

Connected Homes

Connected Homes

Real estate developers

Tourism and travel news

Travel and discover unknown places on the planet by choosing different methods of expedition. Tourism is booming and attracts billions of international travellers who love excursions, world tours, experimental travel, wild camping…

Health, well-being & beauty : the latest innovations

What about technological innovations?

Health revolution

Innovation at the service of health

Innovations in health care are based on extending survival. To achieve this, specialized companies are involved in researching new treatments while others work to optimize people's quality of life.

Staying in good shape

Well-being: News and advice

Discover through our pages news as well as advice in terms of well-being. How to avoid stress? What is brown-out?…Stay in shape with our beauty tips and advice.

Digitalization of cosmetics

What exactly is beauty tech?

Intelligent cosmetics” relies on new technologies (image recognition, data, 3D printing, artificial intelligence…) to perfect and individualize our treatment rituals.