How much does it cost to rent a mega yacht for a day?

A mega yacht is a luxurious sea vessel, generally long, with multiple levels, and packed with a wide array of amenities like movie theaters, gym, kitchens, living areas, sliding walls, swimming pools, and packing, to name a few. The amenities…

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Women in Iran

Women in Iran: Political representation without rights

The anchor in the struggle to represent the women has stated the women rights and freedom as seen in With years of warfare and a history of being ignored, Iraqi women have had to climb a steep mountain…

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franchise de location de voiture

How do I find the best car rental deals?

Travelling is one of the most popular leisure activities. As people tour locally or abroad, they opt to rent cars for ease in accessing their destinations. As a result, operating a car rental company has proven to be quite profitable….

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meeting room

A meeting room in Paris, in a chic and central hotel

Are you in Paris for business and would like to make meeting rooms reservation? The Hotel de l’Arcade is the perfect venue for a Paris meeting room. On the website, you can check out various meeting room Paris options…

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Travel bag : which accessories to take ?

For some people, packing a travel bag is a real pleasure as it makes them realize that it’s soon time to go on an adventure. For others, on the contrary, it’s a real ordeal especially when you only do it…

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How do you prepare a round-the-world trip?

You can’t just pack your backpack to go on a trip, and even less so when it comes to a trip around the world. Even if it’s a dream that can become reality, preparing for a world tour is not…

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First bivouac: start with the keys to make it a success

After thinking about it for weeks, months, even years, you are finally decided to embark on an exciting new adventure: trekking and bivouacking! To make sure your nights under the stars go smoothly, take advantage of the following tips. Equip…

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