Definition of green technology

What is green technology? Green technologies are technologies that reduce the harmful effects of human activity on the environment. The aim is to optimise the use of energy, and to find long-term solutions to prevent the degradation of the ecosystems…

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Customer experience

Reinventing the customer experience through innovation and new technologies

The yearn of getting new ideas has been fostered through the reinvention of technology, especially in e commerce. There is a variety of technological changes that have made the business world a safe haven for people who want to get…

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What is an API?

We always hear about APIs in the field of web development. But what exactly does this term mean? How does an API work? What are the advantages of using an API? … Here are some simple explanations that will help…

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Sport and technology: these new tools to boost your workout

It is always advisable to take part in sports in order to preserve your health. However, not everyone is an athlete, at least not everyone is as experienced as competitors and professional sportsmen and women. Beyond their daily exercise session,…

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