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diamond wire saw

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Diamond wire is one of the world’s best cutting material. To make it, diamond dust is infused into wires of different diameters and lengths, bringing out one of the best cutting tools. Diamond being one of the hardest minerals means…

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Amber stone: characteristics and meaning

If asked, most people around the world consider amber a gemstone. While people come across the term ‘amber gemstone’ on the internet a lot, it is not truly 100% true. Many are aware that amber, famous for its bright warm tone,…

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What are the health benefits of nuts?

The popularity of nuts is well established. They are popular mainly because they are convenient, tasty and can be used in many diets. Even being high in fat, nuts have many benefits. What are the health benefits of nuts? Antioxidant…

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Is fasting healthy?

Fasting is attracting more and more people. Many even testify to the benefits of fasting. This therapeutic and preventive technique promises to be effective, but how many people know it? How many practice it properly and for what reason? Understanding…

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What are the uses in lithotherapy of the Jade stone?

Lithotherapy allows you to take advantage of the multiple virtues of natural stones. This treatment method is used all over the world. It has proven itself for a long time to balance the body, acting both physically and morally. Jade…

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