Published on : 21 April 20223 min reading time

Ampoule sealing and filling machines are among essential equipment with important roles to play especially in processing pharmaceutical products like liquids. You will not only find them in the medical industry part but also biotech, cosmetic and chemical industrial usage. Over the years, machine solutions have been developed by different manufacturers according to what industries need. Ampoule sealing and feeling machines are developed with a design based on the slant travels of ampoules when sealed and filled. Other parts that are cared for in this equipment include the oval and thickness form, and the container’s neck dimensions.

Materials needed for filling

Almost every capsule is made from either plastic or glass. This machine works in filling and sealing different glass ampoules and the machine is very functional when wanting to do the filling procedure of the powders and liquids in different volumes. Air reagents and injectable materials are used in the filling of glass ampoule making the process easier. The machine is designed with a more technological advancement in that the sensitive acids and liquids are all filled once the filling is done to avoid contamination.

The operating process

At first, all the containers are sterilized and kept on a large tray and the tray is then kept on a slanted hopper unit. After this the machine starts to process as the synchronizing continues, the wheels begin to supply at intervals one at a time. After the rack is full in the first round, it sequentially stops and it is at this time that every single procedure in the process like a filling, pre and post gassing, and pre-heating. The last process is always sealing them out and then they’re collected without manual touching for the final collections. This process requires a highly tested technology that is yet to be implemented in the near future and for these reasons, it is regarded as an important part of the pharmaceutical and any other related industries.
There are a few important operations that can also be performed by this machine including;
• Feeding the gas ampoule through the inlet hopper, to the wheel and then transferring it to the transport rack.
• It centres its neck during the different processes like gas flushing and pre-heating.
• Rotates the neck of the ampoule while pre-heating. The elimination process of the spoiled tips of capsules or drinkable vials, follows next by ejecting the contents into another container by using clippers.

Final thoughts

The ampoule filling and sealing machine is an important tool in pharmaceutical products used to fill the glass ampoules or drinkable vials and later seal them. Researchers also claim that this machine can also be used in biotech, cosmetic and chemical industrial usage. Most capsules are made from glass because of their clean visibility and it also doesn’t react with the materials. However, touching these liquids and acidic materials may affect the skin. Sensitive materials are handled by more advanced technology to avoid contamination. These ampoules are capable of holding any amount of liquid and storing it safely for a while as long as they are filled and sealed correctly.