What is green technology?

Green technologies are technologies that reduce the harmful effects of human activity on the environment. The aim is to optimise the use of energy, and to find long-term solutions to prevent the degradation of the ecosystems on which human life depends but which it also weakens. These technologies cannot definitively eradicate all environmental damage, but they prevent it and/or try to reduce it as much as possible.

Example of a green technology

Waste recycling, wastewater treatment and the development of renewable energies are green technologies that aim to maintain and prevent natural ecosystems. We are also seeing the emergence of techniques for optimising the use of resources and processes in the fields of construction, industry and transport. This consists of modifying operating modes and manufacturing processes by complying with environmental standards, saving energy or investing in research.

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Why green technology?

Human activity causes environmental disruption and industrial or chemical production methods exacerbate this environmental degradation. Green technologies help to reduce this harmful impact and improve the quality of life and the prospects for energy production and use. Preserving the environment is one of the major challenges of modern societies and determines the future of the lifestyles we lead.