The way people wear sweatshirts and hoodies has changed significantly over the years. This can be attributed to the current sweatshirt designs, like tiger hoodies. Platforms like offer a collection of tiger hoodies. The wide range of hoodies collection on Tiger-Universe and other platforms or stores has made this garment one of the most versatile when it comes to personal style.

Men and women can comfortably wear sweatshirts or hoodies for various occasions. However, this depends on how you style it. Since sweatshirts are comfortable and versatile, they never run out of fashion. People can count on them for casual and formal wear. They especially come in handy in cold seasons. However, they also do not go out of style on summer days. The wide array of options can make it difficult to determine the right way to wear a sweatshirt or hoodie.

Below are some ideas for creating great outfits with your hoodie or sweatshirt.

Dressing up a Sweatshirt or Hoodie

Traditionally, sweatshirts and hoodies were considered casual or loungewear. However, nowadays, you can dress them up through experimentation. Their versatility allows you to express freedom of expression while maintaining a relaxed and fashionable edge. You can dress up a hoodie by;

  • Layering the Top: you can layer your hoodie with a sweatshirt for a simple look that is great for strolling around when you need to run errands. You can also wear your hoodie with a button-down underneath and let the collar hang over the top or poke out at the bottom. You can also roll the shirt's cuff over your hoodie to add texture and color for a casual and timeless look.

Furthermore, a monotone hoodie will do well with a multi-colored button-down. This is an incredible way to create various styles from your wardrobe. Finally, you can layer the top by rocking a tee under the hoodie and a blazer on top.

  • Layering the Bottom: hoodies and sweatshirts always go well with a pair of jeans. These two are a timeless match. However, you can also wear your hoodie with slacks for a professional and comfortable look. For a cold summer, you can wear your hoodie with khaki shorts.
  • Accessorizing: You can accessorize your hoodie or sweatshirt with a watch for a professional look. Sunglasses and hats also make great accessories for finishing off your look.

Pairing a Hoodie or Sweatshirt with Bottoms

Styling a hoodie can be comfortable and chic. A hoodie could be one of the most versatile fashion items in your closet. The trick is to know how to style it. Simple ideas of paring a hoodie with different bottoms are;

  • For instance, you can wear an oversized hoodie as a dress. This will create a great streetwear look.
  • If you are not into the look, you can do no wrong by pairing a hoodie with denim pants. The pants will complement the hoodie while accentuating your figure. You can add some texture to your look by opting for ripped or acid-washed denim.
  • You can also wear your sweatshirt or hoodie with leggings or yoga pants. This will create a sporty and effortless look. It works great with oversized hoodies. However, you can get creative by experimenting with bold colors and printed designs. Finally, you can stay comfortable with joggers for a comfortable head-to-toe look.

Shoes to Pair with your Hoodie or Sweatshirt

When wearing a hoodie as a dress, you can top off your look with thigh-high boots. This will let the world know you are ready for whatever the day will bring. It will also add class to your look. You can also pair your hoodie with sneakers or canvas for a confident and laid-back look. This will also work if you are going for a sporty vibe. Adding a bomber jacket to your sweatshirt will elevate the sporty look. You can also pair your sweatshirt with sandals for a laid-back day. However, this calls for incredible confidence.

Hoodie Styling Ideas for Men

The best tip for styling a hoodie for men is paired with slim-fit jeans. Jeans and oversized hoodies are a classic male look also. This is a great look for a relaxed day. Ripped jeans are especially perfect for this look. You can also throw some joggers on for a stylish and comfortable look. Pairing your outfit with high-tops can also help create a unique streetwear look. Men can also rock hoodies with oversized jackets to achieve the same look. For a fresher and surfer look, you can wear sweatshirts with sandals. They complement hoodies and are perfect for laid-back days and strolls.