At a time when returns on traditional investments are being squeezed, one may be attracted to alternative investment solutions such as art wine investments. This poses a problem, as it is complicated to estimate whether these offers will be safe or not. Scams have been on the rise lately. Luckily, legislation has recently increased the power of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers or AMF to verify these various products. This gives individuals the opportunity to better orient themselves. However, some non-standard investments were already subject to an "a priori" verification by the AMF. On the other hand, the definition of the products attached to this regime was too repressive. This gives most platforms the option of dispensing with it.

Tips for investing in art

A work of art is a real investment. It has a tangible heritage value. You will learn all the basics to invest in art with pleasure while accommodating the options of profitability. Sometimes you imagine that investing in art is reserved for larger budgets. It is neglecting the fact that this investment can start in antique shops. In public auction spaces and in specialized exhibitions, you can see works of art that can be upgraded at a certain price. This means that on the global art market, you can make an investment in works that are valued in order to expect to make a profit. Before investing, it is essential to check the artist's rating and the current trends. In this way, you will avoid a fashionable investment with more dangers of speculation.

Tips for investing in wine

If you want to make an investment in wine, here are some wealth management tips to help you select the best company. She will assist you during the installation as well as the operation of your investment. From the creation in a varied method of investment, to the sale, through the acquisition of the wines. Varying your investments is a precept used most of the time and reused in asset management. Rightly so, diversifying means pooling risks and maximizing the characteristics of all investments made according to one's own position. The investment art wine especially wine, continues to follow this logic of diversification: Putting your money in this asset reduces the inconveniences as well as the risks essential to real estate and financial markets.