For most clean-shaven individuals, growing and grooming a beard might seem easy. After all, isn’t it all about downing your shaving tools? Click here to find the tools and products you need for your beard care routine.

Any beard veteran understands the truth behind an adequately groomed beard. You might decide to put down your disposable razors and grow the bushiest beard. However, you need a committed beard grooming routine to avoid looking like a homeless person.

A proper beard grooming routine is essential for many different reasons. For instance, trimming your beards prevents split ends, dryness and complements the shape of your face. Therefore, it ensures you control your beards’ growth and maintain a great look every day.

So, what shaving and beard grooming products do you need for your grooming routine?

Beard Trimmer

Proper beard grooming starts with maintaining a decent shape. That’s why a beard trimmer is the first item you should add to your beard kit. These trimmers come in different sizes and have a wide range of attachments that you can attach to the blade to achieve the desired trim size. So, a good quality beard trimmer has got you covered, whether you need a slight trim or a close shave.

Most beard trimmers in the market today are cordless, meaning you can charge them for use on the road. Others are corded, and you can only use them where there is access to an electric socket. Therefore, you have to consider your preferences when picking a beard trimmer for your beard kit.

Beard Wash/Shampoo

Beard shampoo is the other vital product to include in your beard kit. Some people might decide to use regular shampoo to wash their beards. However, that does not give you the best results because your facial hair is different from those on your head. Beard shampoo is exceptionally formulated with natural ingredients to suit the unique needs of your beards.

Shampooing your beards helps you avoid itchiness. If you do not wash your beards properly, you might have to deal with an itch every single minute. Additionally, regular shampooing removes excess oil and dirt, which often causes a stinky smell. Finally, you need proper beard shampoo to make grooming easier.

Beard Oil

Once you wash your beards, it is essential to apply beard oil for several reasons. First, beard oil helps prevent itching because it tackles dandruff and smoothens your facial hair. Additionally, it helps improve the overall look by giving beards a silky, shiny look.

Beard oils come in different sizes and scents. Today, some of the most common scent options include pine, fir needs, and timber. There are also unscented beard oil options for individuals who prefer them.

Beard Brush and Wooden Comb

Typically, a beard grooming kit contains either a beard brush or a comb. But, it is infrequent to get a beard kit with both a brush and a wooden comb. So, you might have to buy either of the two if you need both in your kit. A brush is effective for shorter beards that are still in the growing stage.

A wooden comb is the best option for longer beards. It helps untangle knots and stimulate growth. Wooden combs are much recommended over their plastic counterparts as they have wide-spaced teeth that help avoid hair follicles damage.


If you want to maintain a healthy and attractive beard, following a daily beard grooming routine is essential. A proper beard grooming routine involves using a wide range of products and tools. This list contains some of the products you need for a good beard care routine.