Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic is a coastal city known for its amazing landscapes, idyllic, pristine beaches, and cool breezes on a warm beach where you can have fun, relax, and play water sports. Among the popular water sports at the destination is kite surfing. You can learn more about it at this link.

In the meantime, let’s explore three reasons why you should consider Puerto Plata as your next holiday destination.

Its Beaches are Heavenly

If you desire a location where you can connect to nature or have some peaceful time with a loved one, Puerto Plata has it all. There are also several renown enclaves for kitesurfing in Dominican Republic. Some of the most popular ones include Cabarete, which is a surfing haven; Playa Sosua, which is a relaxing enclave with Mount Isabel de Torres in the background; and Play Dorada, where you get to walk on golden sand barefoot.

When you are done with the three, you take a water trip to Cayo Arena, an amazing aqua beach with white sand and cute sandbars. Here, you get to snorkel in peace. There are several other amazing beaches spread across the Dominican coast, with the Monte Cristi National Park somewhere in the middle of the islands. Depending on your destination goals, there are several beaches that will offer you the ambience, facilities, and environment to meet them.

It is the Kitesurfing Mecca

As said earlier, Puerto Plata is a hub for various water sports. However, no other destination in the world beats it when it comes to kitesurfing. It is the focal point for kitesurfing Dominican Republic. The shallow water and small waves on beaches such as Cabarate and the Lopez Angostura artificial make them amazing places to surf with your kite. Many other beaches also allow kitesurfing. Among the three, Cabarete is the nearest to Puerto Plata’s downtown.

Do you know how to surf? If not, you can enrol in one of the several schools that offer training in surfing Dominican Republic. Learning the skill should not be hard or dangerous. Therefore, you should get kitesurfing like a pro in a few days. You can also hire a surfing kite at the beach at reasonable rates.

This thrilling water sport is extremely addictive, both for those who participate and for those who watch others having a good time. These surfing hotspots also offer awesome facilities to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy great culinary delicacies from the local community. You can also book accommodation nearby if you wish to surf for some time.

It has Beautiful Landscape to be Explored

Do you love the beauty of unpolluted, serene landscapes and the cool breeze accompanied by the voices of singing birds? Puerto Plata has it. At the start, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the coastal city and the lush fields around you by taking a cable car to the top of Mount Isabel de Terres. You will also appreciate the dense canopy of trees on your way up.

At the top of the mountain, explore the different fauna that extends all the way down. Take a few moments to enjoy the cool breeze as winds bring the cold moisture from the sea. Try visiting in the morning so that you get to see diverse landscapes without thick clouds blocking your view.

After you are done exploring the mountain, go jump off the waterfalls located at 27 Charcos de Damajagua. The waterfalls are in a cool, quiet location where you can interact with nature. The jumps are safe and someone will be on hand to assist. All the facilities you need at the location, such as food, water and washrooms, are nearby so that you can experience a true survival feeling as you dive into the depths of the water.

However, you will have to hike on one side of the waterfalls before taking a jump. There are 27 waterfalls but you can jump into the few that you wish.

You will notice that Puerto Plata has some of the friendliest people on the planet. You will interact with many locals in your various adventures. Do not forget to smile or wave your hand to say hi.

Puerto Plata is a true destination for surfing in Dominican Republic. It offers expansive beaches and amazing ocean mouths where you can surf, snorkel and swim. Away from the beaches, you get a chance to hike and experience the unpolluted beauty of nature. You will get all the facilities you need for fun or to stay comfortable during your stay in the Dominican Republic.

Plan to visit this amazing holiday destination on your next vacation. You will not regret it.