Are you in Paris for business and would like to make meeting rooms reservation? The Hotel de l'Arcade is the perfect venue for a Paris meeting room. On the website, you can check out various meeting room Paris options for your business meeting.

Host events in the heart of Paris

There is a reason why Paris has always held the top spot for hosting meetings. First and foremost, Paris is easily accessible to event planners and international businesses. Whether you need to get to Paris through air transport or train, there are airports and train stations that will easily serve your needs. And once you are in Paris, the Hotel de l'Arcade; a chic and central hotel, will provide a great venue for a Paris meeting room.

Besides, Paris is one of the most appealing cities in the entire world. Who wouldn't want to host a business meeting in Paris while they enjoy the alluring attractions of the city as well as its culture and history? Every year Paris welcomes at least 13 million business travelers, an indication that the city is the best place to get your business acumen going.

On top of that, many consider the food in Paris as absolutely delicious. From its Parisian cuisine to its wine, pastries, chocolates, macaron, and cheese, you will definitely enjoy good food in the city during your business meetings.

The meeting rooms

The hotel contains 3 meeting rooms, that is, the Salon opera, the Salon Saint Saens, and the Salon Faure. Depending on the nature of your meeting, you can reserve the meeting rooms for a half day or a full day.

While at the meeting, you and your business associates can enjoy some fruit juice, tea, coffee, mineral water and Danishes during your coffee breaks. In case you intend to hold several meetings for several days at the hotel, you can plan for lunches, cocktails, and dinners at a nearby hotel that is just 2 minutes away from the business venue.

Capacity of the venues

Each Paris meeting room at the hotel is designed to accommodate more than 15 guests. The Salon Saint Saens venue is 25 square meters wide and can comfortable accommodate 22 guests during a meeting.

On the other hand, the Salon Faure, which adjoins the Salon Saint Saens room, can hold up to 16 people. Since the rooms are next to each other, sometimes business associates may decide to book both rooms for a meeting. Together, both rooms can hold about 38 people.

The Salon Opera is the largest meeting room in the hotel with a size of 45 square meters. The Opera room is situated in the new wing of the hotel, and can hold up to 32 people. Some of the resources and equipment offered by the hotel to guests during the business meeting include free Wi-Fi, a business area, a cloakroom, a paper board, and a beamer. Also, daylight is offered a private entrance in the Salon Opera room.

Book a meeting room at Hotel de l'Arcade in Paris

To enjoy an unrivalled experience, book meeting rooms' reservations in Hôtel de l'Arcade in Paris today for business meetings and events. Learn why Paris is the best for hosting business meetings.