For some people, packing a travel bag is a real pleasure as it makes them realize that it's soon time to go on an adventure. For others, on the contrary, it's a real ordeal especially when you only do it at the last minute. However, it's all a matter of choice and organization.

Travel bag, backpack or suitcase?

The choice for the bag to take on a trip somewhere is based on several parameters: destination, length of stay, type of trip (by car, hiking, public transit, etc.), number of clothes and other accessories. However, there is a whole range available on the market with the size, model, colour and accessories required. There are three categories of bags to choose from.  In this case, opting for a backpack is a must in case of a stop, a lot of walking and stopping. Otherwise, if it is necessary to take a lot of public transport or hitchhiking, the travel bag is more practical. It slips easily into a bench seat or into luggage nets. For these two choices, it is also possible to add an extra bag, i.e. one that can hold more clothes or to put small light objects on hand. Finally, the suitcase is not the most practical travel bag. However, it is still popular, especially for people going on short trips or business trips.

The essentials to take with you on a trip

Going on a trip also means choosing the essentials and accessories to take with you. Among the former are the clothes that must be carefully selected according to the needs (event, climate, necessity). Also, a first-aid kit should be provided in case you get sick in a place far enough away from a pharmacy. Cleanliness is also a necessity not to be neglected. In this case, don't forget to prepare a toilet bag with the minimum of things. As accessories, a few items should be provided, namely a logbook, Swiss Army knife, bag for storing volatile items such as lighter, wallet, etc.. Important documents such as passport, plane ticket, credit card, health insurance card, etc. should also be properly installed.

How to better organize your belongings?

For a good organization before preparing your luggage, it is important to make an inventory of everything that will be inserted in the bag or suitcase. Once this has been done, the ideal would be to place the heaviest and sharpest items at the bottom. But before that, you should plan a lining with a large garbage bag. This will protect against moisture. Even in a hurry, each item can be neatly arranged in order of size without leaving any crevices, even in the shoes. If separation is required, the use of a plastic bag will save a lot of space.