If asked, most people around the world consider amber a gemstone. While people come across the term ‘amber gemstone’ on the internet a lot, it is not truly 100% true. Many are aware that amber, famous for its bright warm tone, is certainly not a stone, but a fossilised resin that originates from ancient trees. Indeed, the oldest amber in the world is more than 300 million years old.

On the other hand, a young amber stone is basically less than 100,00 years old. The truth of the matter is that it takes many years for the tree resin to become genuine amber. Also, the highly valued pieces of amber are pricy. Isn’t it amazing to realise that the amber jewels you acquire in the market are more than 100 million years old?

The fact that amber has been used since time immemorial in various cultures, from China to Greece to Northern Europe, there are multiple characteristics linked to this powerful and warm stone.

Why is Amber so Special?

First, amber is distinctive due to its age, and it’s indeed antique! With this natural stone jewellery, you will find the earth’s natural kingdom and accumulated wisdom. Generally, you will discover tiny insects trapped in the amber while it began as tree resin, and this is what gives the amber some powerful magical properties.

Secondly, amber is available in multiple warm colours. It is available in orange, yellow, as well as sunny brown tones. It is for this reason that amber was regarded to be a stone of the sun. Besides, are you aware that the amber stones are available in other colours such as red, blue, and green? While most ambers used in the jewellery industry are colour-treated, it is still possible to find various superb crystal pieces that incorporate natural amber in vibrant colours.

Healing, warm, protective, wise, and cheerful are some of the incredible characteristics linked to these old and beautiful crystals.

Special Amber Characteristics

You are perhaps aware that most popular stones have a long history of use in multiple cultures. Most believe stones to come with mystical characteristics, and amber is no exception. In the Asian culture, for instance, amber is seen as the ‘soul of the tiger,’ where most see is as the stone of courage. Indeed, during the early days, people used to travel with some pieces of amber to protect themselves in long journeys.

Amber Healing Characteristics

Due to its electrostatic impact, amber is seen as one of the most efficient energetic healing components, eliminating toxins, disease, and pain from the body. Also, it stimulates the body’s immune system plus other natural healing mechanisms to heal and rebalance itself. In order to enhance the healing mechanism, you can place amber on the internal organs, on the wound, or even at the thymus gland to reinstate balance to the whole system. Keep in mind that amber is useful when it comes to using as balms or even elixir.

Additionally, amber is useful when it comes to alleviating anxiety, depression or stress as it increases the overall energy levels and vitality. It can enhance sluggish digestion, and it’s seen as an exceptional treatment for bladder, kidneys, liver, spleen, as well as the gallbladder. Amber is predominantly efficient in treating goitre and throat conditions, and can also be used to reduce toothache, joint pains, children teething problems, and rheumatism.

Litho Therapy Amber Characteristics

Amber is an incredible litho therapy treatment as it supports and heals the emotional body by eliminating negative energies that may steal an individual’s optimism and drive for life. Generally, it replaces them with emotions that are conducive for positive change. Amber is thus a perfect lithotherapy treatment for those battling suicidal addictions, tendencies, or even those who struggle with anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.

Besides helping people to eradicate the obstacles placed in their way, it also deflects negative energies from other individuals. It gives one the ability to set the boundaries with family, friends, or colleagues. By bringing stability and balance to a person’s life, amber enhances flexibility and patience.

The stone’s warm and bright energy promotes trust and cheerfulness, besides strengthening the belief in oneself. Amber enhances short-term memory, inspires the intellect, and improves the understanding of messages from a person’s past to assist in moving forward in life and also help in the decision-making processes. As you can see, it is undoubtedly an excellent tool for transforming dreams into reality.

Amber Spiritual Characteristics

By aligning your everyday self to higher spiritual kingdoms, amber is seen as a strong protector. With this, it is undoubtedly a treasured tool for recalling past lives, and for tapping the ancient wisdom, whether from the past experience or regression of the current life. What this property does is that it helps you break the negative patterns and makes you get a much better understanding of how better the past experiences can assist you in the current world.

Since amber is fossilised with its life force energies, it turns out to be an incredible source of light energy for the physical body. Also, it offers tangible support for energetic healing. It basically helps people to connect with the intergalactic and interdimensional light beings, such as nature faeries and devas, as well as those who are in the world to assist humanity through the coming generation.

Amber Luck Properties

Amber’s significance as an amulet and talisman isn’t founded on its crystalline structure since it’s shapeless, nor on its chemical composition since it’s not in the class of minerals. Instead, the component’s life organic essence and energy of light incorporated in its structure has resounded well with the human spirit since time immemorial.

Amber is seen as a repository of souls due to its preservation of life. In fact, amber amulets were utilised in funeral rites when it came to mourning the dead. Also, it was placed in tombs alongside other treasures to protect the dead soul throughout its journey to the afterlife.

Also, amber is a charm for the nostalgic and lonely, regularly referenced in legends and myths of the sea as tears of the gods and goddesses who mourned the demise of the loved ones, particularly the young souls. People consider it to offer fantastic strengths to the widows plus those waiting for a loved one. Indeed, amber is a good-luck stone, alleged to be pieces of the sun that fell off from the sky into the sea. Individuals use it to protect kids, bring good luck to the warriors, attract love, and enhance radiance.

Why do People Use Amber?

It is a vital question to ask as to why individuals would opt to use amber. First, it can be quite challenging if you want to use this stone in jewellery. Instead, it’s notable that people prefer using it as part and parcel of ornaments or solely in gem form.

Since amber comes with warmth, wise protective energies, and cheerfulness, it is essential to note that it may release any negative moods in your house and even deflect these types of energies. It is alleged that this stone works incredibly hard to surround you with reliable and positive energy.

Today, most individuals turn to amber for assistance when suffering from anxiety and depression. It is the stone’s natural energies that help you to stabilise your emotions and act as a continuous reminder as to why your life is valuable.

Rare Facts About Amber

With most individuals matching their amber understanding to its mystical characteristics, there’s a lot more to this tiny stone than you might know. Here are some unusual facts about amber.

Amber is Available in Many Types

The fact that amber is available in many parts of the world, it is essential to note that the amber you retrieve in Asia may be of a different type than the one you pick up in Europe. The most popular and oldest kind of Amber in the world is Baltic amber. Usually, this type of amber incorporates substantial portions of succinic acid.

Amber Floats on Water

Whenever your diamond necklace gets lost in the sea, there are little chances of retrieving it. On the other hand, a Baltic amber ornament floats on salted water. The main reason for this floating nature is that amber is incredibly light in weight. With this in mind, you can use this property to find out whether amber is genuine or fake.

It’s Available in More than 300 Different Colors

You perhaps think that amber is available in just a couple of colours, but as said earlier, it’s available in multiple colours. The main reason for the many colours is the plant variations, plus other inclusions that influenced the amber during its formation. While honey, lemon, cherry, gold, cognac, green, and butterscotch are the most leading types of colours of amber, you will be amazed to realise that the component is available in over 300 shades of the resin.

Final Thoughts

Amber is a powerful stoner healer that give the individuals that put it on a strong healing sense. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most coveted healing stones due to the simple fact that it’s created by life and light. Amber is a charm of beauty and is considered as toughened honey, solidified sunlight, as drops of the sun, and as tears of the gods.