Fasting is attracting more and more people. Many even testify to the benefits of fasting. This therapeutic and preventive technique promises to be effective, but how many people know it? How many practice it properly and for what reason?

Understanding what fasting is

It should be noted, at first glance, that fasting has been used since the dawn of time as a self-healing approach. Even animals use it instinctively when they are injured or sick. Until now, this practice has proved to be very useful in many cases of pathology. By the way, it consists in abstaining from any solid or liquid food, except water. The therapy may take a short time or more, but should not exceed 40 days, otherwise it will become dangerous to health. The purpose of fasting is to rest, detoxify and regenerate the body for different purposes. Indeed, fasting ensures good health in the same way as a healthy diet, physical exercise and emotional balance. Moreover, before undergoing any kind of treatment, it is important to know that there are two types of fasting: complete fasting consists of taking only water and partial fasting which uses various restricted diets based on fruit juice, vegetables or wheat grass. One can also take cereal, herbal tea, broth, and other dietary supplements.

Benefits of fasting

When we talk about fasting benefits, we immediately refer to the health of the practitioner. It turns out that this is a technique for the cure and prevention of several pathologies. It allows, for example, to reduce chronic pain as in the case of inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, pain affecting the locomotor system, lung disease, migraine, etc.. Thus, it is quite possible to combine it with other treatments such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, etc. It is also an effective way to treat hypertension. Certainly, patients will only have to eat fruits and vegetables and water for a few days, which will stabilize their blood pressure and keep their blood pressure stable. In addition, fasting also helps to treat acute pancreatitis. This helps to reduce pain and digestive intolerance. In addition, the treatment will induce weight loss and will also improve the quality of sleep as any pain will be alleviated.

Steps to fast well

Attention, to hope to obtain a fasting benefit, it is necessary to know how to carry out the cure. It is necessary to know then that one does not fast overnight. A few steps are to be followed. The first thing to do is to have a medical check-up with a doctor who will judge a condition likely to support the treatment or not. Here again, it is necessary to determine the type of fasting possible: complete or partial depending on each case. It is only afterwards that the preparatory phase is carried out. This consists of gradually reducing the quantity of food to be consumed and finally drinking only water, fruit and vegetable juices or other.