Travelling is one of the most popular leisure activities. As people tour locally or abroad, they opt to rent cars for ease in accessing their destinations. As a result, operating a car rental company has proven to be quite profitable. There is a massive growth in the emergence of companies offering car rental services. With numerous companies to select from, getting the ideal one can be strenuous. You can visit to obtain information on car hire excess insurance, a vital element to review when choosing a car rental company.

What Is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Also known as excess insurance, it is a non-compulsory policy that shields you from additional charges in the event that the hired car is either lost or wrecked. “Excess” is the amount of money that you would have to pay to the rental company if their car is ruined or stolen while under your care. This implies that the company is not responsible for covering the entire expenses resulting from loss or damage.

Do I Need Excess Protection Car Hire?

Yes, you do. In some instances, car rental companies offer this kind of insurance at ridiculously high rates. In turn, some people choose to operate without the excess insurance, to avoid the expense and hope that the car will be returned in perfect shape. However, if luck is not on your side and the car is lost or ruined, you will end up incurring hefty expenses. It is therefore advisable to buy car rental excess insurance from third parties, to avoid suffering a loss.

Is It Worth Buying Car Hire Excess Insurance?

Touring foreign destinations may involve uncertainties such as unfamiliar traffic rules or terrains. Therefore, you may be prone to getting into an accident. Consequently, buying excess insurance is a valuable undertaking. In particular, annual car hire excess insurance is more economical compared to purchasing one for a single trip. Excess insurance ensures that any costs incurred as a result of damaged car parts are catered for. The insurance policy sees to it that you are reimbursed for any money spent on repairing the car in case of an accident. 

Other Elements to Consider When Selecting a Car Rental Company

1.     Size

The car should have enough capacity to accommodate all the passengers and their luggage.

2.     Price

The price varies from company to company as is also partly influenced by the season of the year, duration of hire, and the day of the week. During the festive seasons, car rental services are at their peak due to high demand. As a result, it is more costly hiring a car at this time compared to off-peak seasons.

3.     Distance

The package where you pay for an unlimited distance may be more costly than paying a specific amount of money for every kilometer covered.

4.     Status of the car

Often, brand new cars are hired out at higher costs compared to cars that have previously been used. A car that is not brand new may still serve the same purpose eventually.

5.     Additional bits

Some companies may offer some extra items such as roof racks and even car seats for children if there will be some kids on board. These bits are mainly offered at discounted prices.

6.     Pick-up location

If you need to rent a car for touring abroad, it is ideal for your rental company of choice to be situated close to the airport. In such a case, you will easily access the company and pick up the car conveniently.

Hiring a car gives you the freedom to travel around your places of choice without any interference or constraints. Traveling in public means limits you from exploring and spending quality time at the sites that you love. In addition to this, since you select the car that suits your preferences, comfort is a guarantee.