A mega yacht is a luxurious sea vessel, generally long, with multiple levels, and packed with a wide array of amenities like movie theaters, gym, kitchens, living areas, sliding walls, swimming pools, and packing, to name a few. The amenities may differ from one vessel to the next, depending on the owner. You do not need to personally own a mega yacht to enjoy what it has to offer. You can rent a mega yacht for a day, week, or month for various reasons. The following factors affect the cost of renting a yacht for a day;

Size of the yacht

Naturally, at the top of the list of things that affect the cost of renting a yacht is the size. Renting a larger boat is more costly than a smaller one. Mega yachts are naturally huge. However, some may be larger than others. For instance, they may differ in the number of levels they possess.

Whether you need a professional crew or not

Whether you choose to get a professional crew to operate the yacht or a skipper, the boat will also influence the costs. Naturally, getting an experienced staff will cost more than if you choose to act as the boat’s captain. The latter means that you do not need to pay for the extra staff. However, it is often safer to hire an experienced crew, especially with a mega yacht. For instance, you will need at least a professional crew of three or more for a mega yacht, plus a legitimate captain. This is known as chartering.

The cost of a yadcht charter

A yadcht charter comes typically complete with access to a crew, like a captain, cleaning staff, chefs, and support staff. The aim is to provide you with a customized experience. The staff will center their services to your needs. For instance, the chefs will pre-plan meals to meet your mood, palet, where you are going, and cravings. Chattering a mega yacht for a day can cost up to a couple of thousand dollars. This depends on the company from which you get the boat and your services.


Your location will also include the boat rental costs. The place implies where you want to rent the boat and where you wish to take it during the rental period. For instance, you can go to Spain and get a rented boat to explore the waters in Spain and different parts of Europe. Boat rentals in Spain are easy because there are numerous options for boat rental. To get a Boat Hire Spain, you have to get a good boat rental company.

Amenities and facilities

The amenities and facilities that come with the mega yacht also affect its cost. For instance, a yacht with amenities like a gym, theatre, sports court, packing, kitchen, pool, and other luxurious amenities will cost more than one with fewer amenities. Therefore, when picking a boat to rent, you may have to consider its design and amenities and their impact on its price.


Hiring a mega yacht may cost you quite some money. However, it is quite worth it because you get to enjoy an experience like no other. Yachting in Spain and different parts of Europe is especially popular