Lithotherapy allows you to take advantage of the multiple virtues of natural stones. This treatment method is used all over the world. It has proven itself for a long time to balance the body, acting both physically and morally. Jade stone is excellent to solve your little health concerns on a daily basis. It is available in different types to give you a choice in terms of care. The lithotherapy goes around the world. Several countries have already had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of stones on the health of individuals. It can be used as a complement to traditional care, provided you ask your doctor's advice. It is possible that certain medications cannot be combined with lithotherapy. Always remain vigilant, your health is at stake. How does lithotherapy work? What are its virtues on health?

Lithotherapy, a gentle method to treat ailments

Lithotherapy is a holistic method of care. It has been around for thousands of years, but the term "lithotherapy" has only been legally recognized for a few decades. Stones have long been used by ancient civilizations, including Native Americans, ancient Egyptians and Aztecs. The aim was to use them as a therapeutic means to improve the health of the individual and to regularize his psyche. Thus, wearing a stone in the hand or transforming it into jewelry will stimulate the organic minerals to detect possible dysfunctions of the body and ensure a certain functional balance. The famous stones act both on the psychic and physical level. They each have their own properties. For example, rose quartz helps you to find the energy of love. Blue calcite helps you to express yourself in public if you are shy thanks to its anti-stress properties, while amazonite allows you to overcome the suffering caused by hurtful situations. Who doesn't dream of healing his body and mind with the simple use of the stones? Such a natural method gives you the means to take care of your body in the long term. The jade stone is one of the best used stones in lithotherapy. Among the stones used for the practice, this variety can accompany you for a long time. Particularly effective, the jade stone is suitable for seniors, adults, but also for young children. It is enough to use it correctly and at the right time. You will see later its virtues on health, but before going into details, it is important to understand how lithotherapy works on your body and mind.

How does lithotherapy work?

Lithotherapy uses the power of semi-precious stones to harmonize and rebalance your body and mind. In theory, your body is made up of emotional, mental and physical energy. The stones will be used to harmonize these energies with those of the stones. The principles of lithotherapy are simple. Indeed, the stones used exert a subtle influence on your body and mind. Acting in depth, they bring about certain vibrations capable of acting on the organism. However, it is good to know that each part of your body has its own way of reacting to the alternative medicine that is lithotherapy. For example, magnetic waves can be transmitted through a liquid such as wine or water or through the skin. These waves will come to the sense organs of your body to regulate its dysfunctions. Before using natural stones, remember to clean them with spring water. Then expose them to the sun so that they can be recharged. You can place the stones on your skin to promote chemical or electrical reactions that emanate from your body's heat. You can also place the stone in water to enjoy its benefits or moisten it with your saliva.

Jade stone in lithotherapy

The jade stone, also called piedra de ijada is appreciated for its ability to soothe kidney dysfunctions. Thus, the Indians used the famous stone to treat pain in the kidneys, but also kidney colic. The jade stone is also able to drive away negative spirits. The solidity of the jade stone also allowed it to be used in jewellery making. You can find necklaces, bracelets and even earrings made of jade stone. The latter comes in 2 types. The Jade stone Nephrite is composed of calcium silicate and magnesium. The Jade Jade stone is composed of sodium silicate and aluminum. Jade stone is easy to spot with its green color. Its hues vary according to its type. You can find white, blue-green or black jade stones. The pink color is composed of iron and manganese salts. In lithotherapy, the jade stone represents temperance, honesty and tolerance. It gives a certain objectivity to its user in front of the judgment of others. It is also able to increase the level of consciousness of each person. The other virtues of the jade stone allow you to move away from guilt and to easily confront yourself with reality. On the physical level, the famous jade stone acts on the heart chakra to reduce nervousness. It is also able to alleviate migraine and fever. Do not hesitate to use your stone to treat eczema or herpes.

The virtues of lithotherapy on health

The stones used in lithotherapy can heal the ills that prevent you from living serenely every day. In case of digestive or intestinal disorders, the properties of the stones help you to reduce bloating. Natural stones allow you to benefit from a general well-being, which facilitates your personal development. They interact with your internal vibrations to help you fight negative emotions such as anxiety, anguish, jealousy and stress. The stones also soothe certain body aches and pains, restoring your confidence. Amethyst is a natural stone to help you fight addictive behaviours such as alcoholism and smoking. You can install your semi-precious stones in your living rooms to maintain positive energies. The tiger's eye in turn helps protect you from black magic and spells. Its presence motivates you so that you can achieve your goals. Opting for the stone on yourself in the form of a jewel is also an excellent way to take full advantage of its benefits. The energetic care with stones that is lithotherapy allows you to rebalance the energy of your body as a whole. Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Some natural stones can help you find sleep and enjoy the benefits of a recuperative night's sleep on a daily basis.

Easily obtain lithotherapy stones online

You can find your natural stones in store, but also online if you don't want to go anywhere. The sites offering this famous stone give you details on its importance, its health benefits and its methods of use. You can also see pictures of the stones to make the difference. The merchant sites display the price of the stones. You can find natural stones in the shape of jewellery. Wearing the stones on your body is the best way to take advantage of their benefits. A lithotherapy shop lets you choose between different stones. The associated products are not only used to rebalance your body, but also to beautify your body. A green jade pendant can easily match any outfit. The same goes for the Burma Jade bracelet. Do not hesitate either to put a pretty necklace in round pearl Burma Jade. The natural stone boxes give you the means to change your style on a daily basis. It is important to know that lithotherapy will not replace traditional medicine. If you have any concerns about your health, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.